Magnum MM-RC Remote Control with LED indicators for charger status

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MM-RC Remote Control Magnum with LED indicator for inverter charger

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Product Description

Remote Control for Magnum Inverters


The MM-RC remote includes the remote ON/OFF switch and the same three LED indicators that the MM-R has, as well as three additional LED indicators for charger status (BULK, ABSORB, FLOAT).


  • Three LEDs: Invert, AC In, and Fault Modes Six LEDs: Inver, AC In, Fault Modes, Bulk, Absorb, and Float
  • On/Off: Turns inverter or charger on or off and defeats “search” mode.
  • Includes bezel for surface mount or flush mount
  • Includes 25′ phone cable

*Compatible with ME, MM, MMS Series Inverter Chargers

MM-RC Remote Control Instruction Sheet Manual

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