About Us

Founders Shari McDowell and Matt Longman

Power to the People

Azimuth Solar Products specializes in portable solar generators that can power off-grid tiny homes, cabins, RVs, and mobile work sites. They also produce back-up power systems and emergency and disaster relief power for communications, medical support, and rebuilding.

Azimuth Solar’s systems are designed to provide robust portable power in challenging terrain and temperature ranges. Our tripod generators can be quickly setup by one person without tools and can rotate and tilt panels on 2-axis. Azimuth Solar also carries a wide selection of new technology batteries and highly efficient power management components.

Our physical storefront, warehouse, offices and production facility are based in Armstrong, BC, Canada. We ship to customers in the US, Canada, and Caribbean.

About the Founders

Both founders, Shari McDowell and Matthew Longman have had a personal passion for renewable energy and off-grid, sustainable living. The original idea started when they were camping and wanted a way to heat their tent without the risk of a propane heater. As well, both are long-time volunteers in disaster response and have seen the need for on-the-ground mobile power. Shari McDowell has over 8 years of experience in disaster response management.

Matthew Longman and Shari McDowell are also the owners of another successful company, Aquassure Accessible Baths. This profitable company was founded 10 years ago and they raised approximately $1M to commercialize and launch the business. Aquassure manufactures an accessible bathtub with manufacturing in the US and Canada, as well as wholesale and retail sales of other product lines. They have issued patents in the US and Canada and have successfully licensed their IP.

Shari McDowell, CEO has over 29 years of entrepreneurial management experience with a background in finance and marketing. She opened her first business when she was only 18 years old and has previously owned a marketing company that had large contracts with Interior Health.

Matthew Longman, CTO is also a Registered Massage Therapist who has been in practice for 25 years. He is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and has designed products for healthcare, sports, plumbing, and solar markets. Matthew is the designer behind both the Aquassure ADL Spa tub and Azimuth’s product lines.

Founder Matt Longman with the ASP 360 Tripod Solar Generator

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